Anti-Snoring Treatments available at
The Dental Gallery, Ealing

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Treat your snoring with custom-fitted mouthpieces.

Snoring is a common problem that can have a detrimental effect on the health and lifestyle of both you and your partner. The resulting broken and irregular sleep patterns can be distressing and cause other subsequent problems.

Fortunately there are solutions available to help address this condition.

The sound of snoring is created when the muscles in the neck are relaxed and the soft tissues along the airway vibrate. There are a number of potential, contributing factors that cause snoring.

These include lifestyle, old age and being overweight, all of which can affect the shape and function of the airways.

At The Dental Gallery, we can help treat snoring and lessen its impact by offering custom-fitted mouthpieces designed to be worn throughout the night.

When you visit our dental practice for an initial consultation, our dentist will assess your condition before recommending the most appropriate anti-snoring product. An impression can also be taken during this visit, which will be used to make the anti-snoring mouthpiece and to ensure it fits as comfortably as possible.

Your new mouthpiece will be given to you at the second appointment and our dentist will advise you on how to fit and adjust the product in order to maximise both comfort and effectiveness.


We are ready to help reduce your snoring

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